National Education :-

Keeping the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi into centre the following national education is being imparted from nursery to higher education level through the medium of mother-tongue. The institution has also started the Industrial Training institute to impart the vocational training to the educated boys and girls from 1986.

The institution started the nursery school in 1960 and secondary school in 1961 in a rented building of Harijanvas in Madana. moreover the institute also started the hostel for backward class in Dharmashala (Caravanserai) of Mahadev temple in 1962. But those who were doing robbery in the village opposed to have hostel in the temple. But the institution faced them boldly and continued the hostel at the same place. But as stated earlier the Harijans of the village had left thee village due to terror of the robbers. They did not want to come back to the village even after restoration of peace in the village in spite of efforts to convince them to return back. Therefore the institution started a Nursery school‚ a Secondary school‚ Hostel and residences of the workers at Harijanvas. Due to which they started coming back to Madana as their confidence returned. the members of the institution used to stay at Harijanvas upto 5-years. As the normally was restored there the institution constructed a five rooms building for the school‚ and made available the facilities of well for drinking water and engine for well etc. with the economic assistance received from shri Panachandbhai Pnachal‚ a resident of the same village. The institution shifted its building to its new building from the Harijanvas. As the institution undertook its activities in Harijanwas‚ the Harijans and upper class people came into contact with each other and ultimately it resulted in eradicating the untochability.

Swiss Aid Abroad :-

The representative of the institution named swiss Aid Abroad of Switzerland Shri Pear Oplikar and Shri Snailman‚ general secretary of the same organization came to visit Nootan Bharati in 1964. They were highly impressed to know that great awakening has been created by the institution against the robbers in Madana village and hence forth they provided economic assistance to the institution for the purpose of constructing new high school building‚ staff quarters for the teachers‚ a dining room for the hostel‚ a house for the rector‚ farm equipments like tractor cultivator levelling blade‚ plough trolly etc. for agricultural‚ a building for godown‚ a well on the Madol farm‚ a building of the farmer farm and aid for the land cultivation etc. With this help from Swiss Aid Abroad the institution started functioning smoothly.

Cow-breeding :-

The institution provides guidance to the cattle owners for scientific breeding of animal husbandry and also sells the hybrid cows to the farmers through cowshed of the institution. The institution also provides guidance to the farmers for cow-breeding.

Integrated Child Development Scheme :-

The institution has started 50 Aanganwadis (Nursery School) in 16 villages for pre primary education‚ maintenance of health and health education from 1990 under the integrated child development scheme. the beneficiaries thereof are the children between 0 to 6 years age group from weaker classes‚ pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Aanganwadi Training Centre :-

After getting permission from Gujarat Government’s Women and Child Department, the institution, from 2002 - 03, has started a Training centre for the Aanganwadi workers and the women looking after the children, under the Integrated Child Development Scheme.

Safe Motherhood Project :-

With Financial aid from the Government of India’s Health and Family Welfare Ministry, Nootan Bharti with Chetna, Ahmedabad organized safe motherhood program between 1/4/03 to 1/4/04 in the surrounding villages of MadanaGadh viz. Dalwada, Suntha,, Samthi Ranajiwas, Samthi Motawas, Samthi Nathniwas and Vasni.

Primary Education :-

Ashram school for baxi community (economical Backward) from std. 1 to 7 is being run by the institution from 1980. and the self-financed primary school from std. 5 to std. 7 has been started from June-2002

Secondary Education:-

Post basic High School from std. 8 to 10 is run from 1961 and higher post basic High School from std.11 to 12 is run from 1985.

Higher Education :-

(1) Since 1987 Gram Vidhyapith (college) is functioning to provided three years higher education studies after std. 12‚ which is affiliated to north Gujarat Uni. since 15-6-1997. all the courses mentioned above are mostly residential.

A study Centre of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University :-

A study centre of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University has been allotted to Nootan Bharati from 1998 to impart higher education to the educated Sections of the society specially those who are deprived of higher education due to their adverse circumstances. the following courses have been started in this centre from 1998.

  1. Master Degree in English/ Hindi / Social Studies

  2. Elementary course (B.P.P.) for admission to the graduation degree for the students who studied below std.12.

  3. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

  4. Bachelor of Commerce (

  5. Post Graduate Diploma in distance education.

  6. Diploma in creative writing in English / Hindi

  7. Diploma in Financial Management

  8. Diploma in Tax Practice (Direct Tax)

  9. Diploma in Advance Cost Accounting

  10. Diploma in Indirect Taxes

  11. Diploma in Insurance

  12. Diploma in Operation Research

  13. Certificate Course in Food and Nutrition (C.F.N.)

  14. Certificate in Computing (C.I.C.)

  15. Certificate in Tourism Marketing (C.T.M.)

  16. C. M. T.

  17. C. C. C. D.

  18. C.P.C.S.

  19. C. T. E.

  20. Certificate in Environment Studies

  21. C. W. D. L.

  22. Certificate in Consumer Protection

  23. Certificate in participatory forest management

  24. Certificate in Communication Skills in English.

A special study centre of the Indira Gandhi National Open University

With a view to availing the benefits of national level courses to the people of this area‚ a special study centre of the Indira Gandhi National Open University has been granted to the said institution on 14-6-2002 code number of which is 0940 (D). The following courses are offered in this centre

  1. Master Degree in English / Hindi / History/ Political Science

  2. M. Com.

  3. Master Degree in Tourism Management

  4. Master Degree in Library and Information Science

  5. B. A.

  6. B. Com.

  7. B. Sc.

  8. Bachelor of Social Work

  9. B. C. A.

  10. Bachelor of Tourism Studies

  11. Bachelor of Library and Information Science

  12. Bachelors Preparatory Program (B. P. P.)

  13. Certificate in Computer (C. I. C.)

  14. Certificate in H. I. V. and Family Education

  15. Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care

  16. Certificate in Food and Nutrition

  17. P. G. Diploma in Rural Development

  18. Certificate in Rural Development

  19. Certificate in teaching of Primary School Mathematics

  20. P. G. Diploma in Distance Education

  21. Certificate in Teaching of English

  22. Diploma in Tourism Studies

  23. Certificate in Tourism Studies

  24. Certificate in Empowering Women through Self Help Groups (C.W.D.L.)

  25. Certificate in Women Empowerment and Development

  26. Certificate in Disaster Management

  27. Certificate in Environment Studies

  28. Certificate in Human Rights

  29. Certificate in Consumer Protection

  30. Certificate in Laboratory Techniques (C.P.L.T)

  31. Certificate in Primary Teaching

  32. Certificate in Participatory Forest Management

  33. Certificate in Guidance

  34. Diploma in H.I.V. and Family Education

In above all the educational faculties most of the students belonging to schedule caste‚ schedule tribes and socially and educationally backward class get their education.

No teacher from our school has joined the strike proclaimed by the teachers of the schools in the state for there rights for last 44 years.

The results of the school are high and individual percentage of the students are also high. So‚ some of them join the higher education and remaining join the professional training institution and earn their livelihood.

Education is imparted through practical work in this secondary school. There is a one subject of Udyog and agriculture in the school. So‚ the student has to do labour work of farming for educational purpose. As the parents of some students of this area do not like their children to work hard for farming‚ they prefer to get their children admitted to other schools. As a result of it the institution was in high need of strength for 35 years. But the strength of the students at the institution has started increasing since last five years because of good educational results of the institution as mentioned above and students getting good jobs in the governments as well as in other areas.

Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I) :-

The institution has started Shri Laxmichand Zaveri Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I) from 1986 to impart vocational training and job-oriented courses to the educated unemployed students with permission of the government. Here the training classes of fitter, wireman and draftsman civil are running. Shri Laxmichand Zaveri Trust gave 50% assistance to purchase its equipments. After getting training here the trainees are likely to get employment in the government as well as private industrial houses. Five trainees of this institution got jobs in private companies in America.

A training of tailoring and cutting profession for the educated women has been started from 1996 to make them self-reliant and self-esteemed in the society.

Computer Training Centre for Women :-

Computer training for women has been started from 1995 to created the scope of employment for them. In which various training classes for various trades have been included with the concurrence of the Government. They can get the jobs in secondary school as well as the private enterprises.

Besides‚ six months training classes are also being run from 1993 with the co-operation of Friends of All and Nootan Bharati to provide employment to less studied women in the villages. As a result of it the women can become self-reliant by making their family clothes. Moreover‚ they can also get the offer at home for preparing clothes for others.

The institution has also got the internet and e-mail connections with computers.

The institution has also started a printing press by computers. The institution has also got the facilities of videography as well as photography.

The following Trades are being run in I.T.I.

  1. Wireman

  2. Fitter

  3. Draftsman civil with Auto CAD

  4. Cutting & Tailoring

  5. Embroidery and Needle Works

  6. Information Technology & Electronics systems Maintenance

  7. Certificate Course in Software Programming

  8. Computer Operating & Programming Assistance.

Dr. Sharatbhai Desai a staunch followers of the saint Shri Mota has given an economic assistance of Rs.15 lacs to purchase Computers and its ancillary equipment for computer training centre. In addition to this he has also given an assistance of Rs. 3‚00‚000 and Rs.5‚00‚000 for the library building and equipments of I.T. respectively in 1999-2000.

The following facilities are made available for the trainees with the economic assistance of Hari Ohm Ashram‚ Nadiad with inspiration of Saint Shri Mota.

  1. A building for I.T.I. workshop and classes was constructed in 1995-96.

  2. equipments of cutting and tailoring for the training of girls have been availed.

  3. A building for the workshop and classes of Computer and cutting and tailoring trade for the training of girls was constructed in 1997-98. And a library building was constructed in 1999-2000.

  4. A hostel building for the trainee girls and drinking water tank were also constructed in 1997-98. An assistance for the instruments for the trainees of repeat batch of wireman and fitter was also provided in 1997-98. A bore well for drinking water to the above trainees was also made in 1999-2000 with assistance of Hari Ohm Ashram Nadiad. Moreover the institution has also got the assistance in 1998 to purchase the computer based press equipments for various activities of the institution.

  5. A new training course of embroidery for the women has been started from 1999 with the concurrence of the Government. For which donation amounting to Rs. 65‚000 was received from the Indira Public Charitable Trust‚ Rajkot run by Shri Indubhai Parikh and the remaining assistance was received from Hari Ohm Ashram Nadiad.

  6. As the assistance for purchasing the equipment for Information Technology and Electronics system maintenance Trade was received from the Hari Ohm Ashram Nadiad in 1999-2000‚ the said trade could be started.

Primary Teacher training College (P.T.C. College )

Nootan Bharati Madana gadh got the approval from the government on 28-12-2001 to start the P.T.C. college and N.C.T.E. Bhopal has given its approval on 18-9-2002 to start P.T.C.

Social Education :-

The institution has started the social education from 1959 without assistance of the government to make the illiterates literate in the society. The central government made a scheme in 1976 to abolish illiteracy from India. The institution undertook the intensive programmes of phase wise 100 classes to make the illiterates literate in 30 villages of this area by obtaining assistance from the central government under the said scheme. And made 8513 adults of 15 to 35 years as well as 5000 illiterate children of 6 to 14 years literates. In 1992‚ five villages namely Madana‚ Talepura‚ Salla‚ Dalvada and Sasam were made completely literate.

Public Education :-

The institution has been granted Shri Morarjibhai Desai Public education centre by the Gujarat Vidhyapeeth‚ Ahmedabad from 1997. This centre has geared up the activities of improving the social and economic condition of the society.

N. S. S. :-

In 1997 - 98 N. S. S. activities were started in Nootan Bharti Gram Vidyapeeth. In 2003 - 04 N. S. S. activities were initiated in Nootan Bharti Vidyalaya.

Water shed Project :-

With a view to bringing up the water level of the wells by inserting the flowing water of rain in the underground at the respective place a watershed project had been run at Samadhi Motavas‚ Samadhi Ranajivas‚ Samadhi Nadhanivas of Rs.78‚50‚000 obtained from the rural development agency‚ Banaskantha from 1999-2000 to march-2002.

Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY) :-

Nootan Bharati Madana‚-Gadh had undertaken the programmes of increasing the income of 15 groups consisting of 153 people living under poverty line by providing them the loan of Rs. 36,50,600/- for the purchase of 145 buffaloes under the Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana (SGSY) scheme in the year 2000 to 2003. These groups have a saving of Rs. 158510/-

Mason training Programme for Constructing the Earthquake proof Building :-

The masons were imparted training to construct the earth quake proof buildings in Deodar taluka of Banaskantha district in 2003-2004.

Carpet training Programme with the Assistance of the Banaskantha District Industry Centre:-

Carpet training programmes were also undertaken for providing employment to the tribal men-women with the assistance of the district industry centre in the year 2003-2004.