With the Assistance of Kapart

  • The camps for pure drinking water were organized in 1990-91.

  • A program to build 100 toilets in Aaseda village in 1995 - 96.

Scholarship Assistance :-

An assistance of Rs. 1 lac was paid to the talented and economically weaken students in 1995 for helping them to get their higher education from Smt. Shantaben Vasantbhai Mehta‚ Mumbai. This amount had been deposited with the bank as a fixed deposit for Smt. Shantaben Vasantbhai Mehta Scholarship fund. And the talented and needy student are paid the scholarships from interest occurred. scholarships are also paid to the girls studying in I.T.I. and std.11 & 12 from Smt. Dharmavatiben Nanalal Shroff Trust Ahmedabad. Besides‚ scholarships are also paid to the students of Nootan Bharati Rural Vidhyapith from Shri Kanubhai Mehta Charitable Trust‚ Mumbai.

Saint Shri Mota Birth Centenary Celebration :-

SaintShri Mota was such a great saint with spiritual meditation power that he had a glimpse of the god. after the demise of Gandhiji he had also undertaken a great task of upliftment of the villages of our country as Gandhiji dream. the government and the society both are aware of this mission. SaintShri Mota was the only god-gifted person after whose death his followers could get inspiration from him to uplift the villages. The missions he dreamt are still going on with double spirits even after his demise.

The programme of Birth Centenary celebration of Shri Mota is being celebrated by Hari Ohm Ashram Nadiad. so that young generation in the entire Gujarat can know Revd. Shri Mota. Nootan Bharati organized an exclusive programme of debate‚ essay‚ songs and drawing competitions in the campus of the institution on 19-12-1997 to create awareness amongst the students of secondary schools and college of Banaskantha district with glimpse of Revd. Shri Mota’s life through study of his literature.

Communal Harmony :-

Hindus and muslims are staying together within 20km area from Madana. Communal riots took place between these communities at other places in the country. And its effects are seen everywhere. But in the history of this area since the establishment of this institution in 1958 no untoward incident has been registered because of the efforts of maintaining communal harmony between the two communities made by the institution. The people of the area are the witnesses thereof.

Felicitation and Awards :-

  1. The institution has undertaken the works of supplying grass to the cattle of the poor cattle owners of this area during drought. Therefore the government has conferred the certificate of felicitation and a clock to the institution.

  2. An institution named Parmananad Kapadia and Jadavji Somachand Mehta run by the National Sanitation and environment improvement Foundation Ahmedabad made an assessment of leading voluntary organization working for rural sanitation in Gujarat. Nootan Bharati Institution stood first in sanitation programme in that assessment. the above institution conferred a cash amount of Rs. 15‚000 and a certificate of felicitation to Nootan Bharati in appreciation of its performance.

  3. Social Service Award by Gujarat Vidhyapith :- Shri Mahedevbhai Desai graduate rural service award of the year 1998 founded by Shri Vishnubhai Amin a graduate of the second batch of Shri Mahedevbhai Desai social service college and a freedom fighter was given away to Shri Ramjibhai Pasavabhai Vahora by Gujarat Vidhyapeeth for his lifetime rural service. the certificate of felicitation was given away as follow: “By obtaining the graduation degree in sociology from Gujarat Vidhyapeeth in 1958 and adopting a tough task for lifetime rural service he has been carrying on his mission uninterruptedly till today since establishment of Nootan Bharati in 1958 at his native Madana (ta.Palanpur Dist. Banaskantha). Thus he has glorified the education of Gujarat Vidhyapeeth. He had shown required boldness by facing anti-social activities running in Madana at the time of establishment of Nootan Bharati and protesting wrong tradition. He has done unique works like education‚ co-operation‚ service to the people to restore peace in the village. He has created the facilities for education from pre-primary to graduation level at Madana through establishment of Nootan Bharati. He has provided appreciable contribution by creating the opportunities of employment through the planning of the courses of industrial training and organizing the programme of folk education including adult education. He has also done praise worthy works like prohibition‚ Khadi-Gramodhyog‚ eradication of untouchability‚ rural-health‚ communal harmony‚ women development through the constructive programmes proposed by Mahtma Gandhiji. Moreover‚ he has also done some significant works like co-operative activities‚ energy saving‚ agricultural reformations‚ cow breeding‚ services to the disabled and rural resonations.

Shri Ramjibhai Vohra has truly fulfilled the vision of rural services after independents as per the objectives of Gujarat Vidhyapith earmarked by Gandhiji.

Lifetime social worker‚ humble constructive worker and lifetime fighter for uplifement of Madana village Shri Ramjibhai Vohra has glorified the education of Shri Madevbhai Desai social service college of Gujarat Vidhyapeeth through selfless service.

We hereby give away the certificate of felicitation with prayer that may his remaining life be full of health and he may continue to be a life time social worker according to the objectives of Gujarat Vidhyapeeth.

Environment :-

In view of environment and education of the institution the following trees have been planted at the centres of the institution

Statement showing the trees


Fruits bearing trees



Non-Fruits bearing trees


Total > > > > >


Maintenance of Moral Values :-

The institution is doing various activities keeping the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhiji into the centre. A base of Gandhian thought is moral values‚ So the institution has maintained this principle in its administration. The institution has kept it self away from taking bribe donations etc. as they are being practiced in other educational institution likewise during the recruitment of workers or students in the institution. It has never offered any bribe to avail fanacial assistance or grants from the government as well as the private agency. As a result of it on many occasions it had to confront with corrupt elements. While passing through certain experiences whatever losses have been occurred by the institution in order to sustain moral values‚ it has lovingly accepted them.

Public welfare functions for worship the God :-

The above all the public welfare works undertaken by Nootan Bharati are only due to inspiration from the God. So‚ its administration and economic burden are settled by the grace of God only. It is also said in the Bhagvat Geeta by The God that the God helps those who work selflessly. And we have realized it from close quarters by undertaking above all activities of Nootan Bharati.

How Nootan Bharati freed the Madana village from terror‚ hunger and corruption and illiteracy with bleesings of the God and showed what are the problems created due to villages being ruined and urbanization taking place. What are the problems of this process and how reformation works of villages can be carried out has been narrated in the above mentioned glimpses of the institution’s activities.

Progress made by Nootan Bharati during last 46 year and a lovely campus of Nootan Bharati surrounded by densed tree and greenery memorize us the tradenational culture of the cultural traditions of saints and rishies (Holy persons) of ancient history. You all are cordially invited to visit the place in persona. A synopsis of various activities undertaken by different sections of Nootan Bharati during last 44 years i.e. from 1958-2004 is shown in the report herewith.

Your physical mental and financial co-operation as well as blessings and good wishes have been received by Nootan Bharati for its rural developments works being carried out with blessing of God till today and will continue in the future too. With this prayer I conclude this statement of mine.