Keeping the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi in the Centre‚ Nootan Bharati has been undertaking the educational as well as various constructive activities of rural development since last 46 years. We feel joyous by presenting glimpses of its development before you.

A terrorised Madana Village Prior to year 1958 :-

The founding stone and the pioneer of this institution is Shri Ramjibhai P. Vahora. He belongs to Madana. He took his primary education upto standard-4 in his village. As there was no facility of higher education in his village‚ he studied at Palanpur upto S.S.C. He passed S.S.C. in 1955. At that time the antisocial activities like theft‚ robbery and gundaism were in full swing in Madana. He didn’t want to take higher education as he wanted to free his village from those nuisances. But some of his friends advised Shri Ramjibhai to study ‘Rural Services’ at Gujarat Vidhyapeeth‚ Ahmedabad established by Mahtma Gandhiji and then only sit in Madana if he wanted to serve Madana. As per their advice‚ Ramjibhai studied in Gujarat Vidhyapeeth and got his graduation degree in 1958 and from the same year he started his mission and has been serving for his native Madana since last 44 years.

During his studies at Gujarat Vidhyapieeth‚ he advised his elders brother Shri Hemchandrabahi that if he wanted to establish an institution at Madana he must have about 200 acres land for that. By getting co-operation from the villagers‚ he managed to acquire 52 acres lands as a donation from the farmers. But the said land was under custody of the robbers. The robbers extorted the lands from the Harijans and small workers of the village. like this the robbers used to rob the farmers crop‚ ruin their standing crops and leave their animals to destroy standing crops also. Therefore terrified farmers were force to give away their lands to the robbers for ploughing it on half share basis. In collusion with the Talatis the said robbers tampered with the records and got them selves registered as the tenants on the said disputed land. Moreover‚ they also stole the farmers cattle‚ extorted money from the farmers by tying them with the trees and harassed the women. If any farmers dared to face them‚ they used to kill him. Harijans and small workers of the village left the village due to terror and henceforth‚ the villages were ruined.

Terror Free Madana Village :-

Ramjibhai established Nootan Bharati in 1958 to free the village from the robbers. So‚ the robbers were disappointed with him. They continued threatening Ramjibhai to leave the village like other villagers.

But‚ they could not threaten Ramjibahi by any means and hence they started making plans to kill him. The institution could not start its functions yet. So the institution had no workers. Ramjibhai alone was fighting with the robbers at the cost of his life to suppress the anti-social activities in the village.

To awaken the public strength against the robbers‚ he started the people awareness programmes in the village. As a result of it the robbers became more aggressive against him and made fettle attack on him in 1959-60. But‚ by the grace of God he survived. This news was published in the news papers speedily. Having come to know this‚ the leaders of the district came to the rescue of Shri Ramjibhai to provide him strength for his noble activity.

the late freedom fighters barrister Shri G.G.Mehta and his wife Smt. Vimalaben Mehta leading the “Bhoo-Daan (Gifting of Land) movement inspired by saint Shri Vinobaji in Banaskantha district at that time also visited Madana when they came to know about the incident and started Satyagrah offering fast till death for establishing peace in Madana. The villagers also joined the fast along with them. The people in the village got awaken due to this programme. A numbers of the neighboring people also joined it. The sarvoday leaders of Gujarat like Shri Harvilasben‚ Shri Babalbhai Mehta‚ Saint Shri Ravishankar Maharaj and Shri Parikshitbhai Majmudar‚ secretary Shri Gujarat Harijan Sevak Sangh also extended their co-operation for the said mission. As a result of it the Satyagrah created good impact on the people. The thieves‚ robbers confessed their sins. They promised not to repeat the same mistakes. the affected people got prepared to challenge injustice meted out to them. Thus‚ the peace was restored in the village. A peace-keeping force was established in the village for permanent peace as per the ideology of Mahtma Gandhiji. The rural Defense Force was established for protecting the agricultural crops. Moreover a group of villagers was also created to challenge injustice. Thus‚ the institution had to fight at the cost of valuable human lives for restoring peace in the village up to five years‚ i.e. from 1958 to 1962.

An Ideal Village Panchayat :-

Promoter and supporter of the robbers in the Madana village were none but Sarpanch of the village Panchayat. some members of the Panchayat and others vested interests. They were not doing the developmental works through the Panchayat. But always encouraged the robbers. And they were also getting booty from them. So‚ Nootan Bharati had organized a group of youth villagers to free the Panchayat from their custody. The institution had also handed over the powers of village Panchayat to them by defeating such anti-social elements as well as vested interests in 1961.

A separate bath and lavatory were errected for the women by the new village Panchayat. There were no trees in the 600 acres pasture land of the village. A densed forest was created in that area. roads were improved by removing encroachments on the road.

A common water stand for both upper class and Harijans. Earlier there were separate water stands for both the communities. In those days it was an exceptional management as compared to other Panchayat in the district.